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March 31, 2006

It's over Grover

Grover Norquist is a sleaze bag. He just is. I have never thought his schtick was sincere, and he is in bed with Abramoff and Delay and the rest of the criminals. The fact that this guy is taken seriously, that this is what the right in America calls ideas or policy debate, is simply horrible. Things might start looking worse for Grover soon. From the Boston Globe today:

WASHINGTON -- Grover G. Norquist has become one of the nation's most influential activists by portraying his group, Americans for Tax Reform, as the leading ''grass-roots taxpayers movement," which gets thousands of politicians to sign a pledge against any new tax.

Behind the ''grass-roots" activism, however, is a multimillion-dollar donor list that is the envy of Washington. And the Massachusetts native has always refused to name his financial backers.

But interviews and copies of Norquist's donor lists, obtained by the Globe, show that contributors include an array of special interests ranging from tobacco companies to Indian tribes to a Las Vegas casino.

It wouldn't be bad to have policy debates in this country, to honestly talk about issues like taxes, etc. But you know what? These guys are devoid of ideas - they are just crooks. They are looking to score, plain and simple. "Conservative Advocate"? The guy is a nut, and probably a thief.

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