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April 08, 2006

Iraq end game

There really are only a few ways that things can play out in Iraq, and they are all bad. One, we leave at some point - it really doesn't make a big difference when (next month, next year, whenever), but if we really leave, the whole region will get sucked into the civil war, with probably Turkey, the Kurds, Iran and others fighting for chunks of the country. It could end up being a decades long conflict, or WWIII. Two, we stay in the new huge bases the we are supposedly not building and continue to lose a couple of hundred troops a year, but use massive aerial assaults to try and shape the raging civil war outside the base walls. Our presence there probably prevents more chaos than option one, but has no positive outcome. Three, we eventually start a draft, and when no one shows up to enlist and we run out of people to send to Iraq, some whack jobs in the government decide enough is enough and go with tactical nukes. This may or may not be the end of the world, but it would sure seem like the beginning of the end and probably plunge the whole globe into recession. After Abu Ghraib and stories like these we have zero credibility not only in the middle east but the world. There really are no options the U.S. could initiate in my mind that would be credible. I like Murtha's plan. Pull back, pull out. Let the locals go at it. It may take years, but hopefully at some point someone will win control of some large part of something we could call the New Iraq. At some point they will ask the UN and perhaps other regional/international organizations for help. When they do, we should be ready as a country to do whatever we are asked. Again, this may take decades. This is what the next several generations of Americans have to look forward to. All because of a rigged election in Florida. America. What happened to you?

Posted by afinta at April 8, 2006 06:15 PM


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