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October 02, 2004

I can - but you can't

Check out these two headlines and the conflicting message:

From the Washington Post -

"Troops Battle to Control Samarra

With Americans Leading Way, Iraqi Forces Secure Key Religious Sites

By Karl Vick
Washington Post Foreign Service
Saturday, October 2, 2004; Page A01

BAGHDAD, Oct. 1 -- A heavily armored force of 3,000 U.S. troops, followed by 2,000 Iraqi soldiers, police officers, commandos and National Guardsmen, swept into Samarra on Friday to confront insurgents in what a senior Iraqi official said had become an "outlaw city."

The offensive in the city about 65 miles north of Baghdad largely overwhelmed the rebel force during a night and day of occasionally intense fighting. One U.S. soldier was killed, according to military officials, who estimated insurgent fatalities at more than 100. Hospital officials said they had received the bodies of dozens of Iraqis, including women and children, the Reuters news agency reported."

From the BBC -

"US urges Israel to show restraint

Palestinian sources say 100 tanks have moved into northern Gaza

The US has called on Israel to exercise restraint in its latest offensive against Palestinian militants in northern Gaza.

The State Department said Israel should use only "proportional force" and urged it to avoid civilian casualties.

More than 40 Palestinians and three Israelis have died since the army's operation began on Wednesday."