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July 13, 2005


Iraq suspects suffocate in heat

Nine building workers have died in Iraq after being arrested on suspicion of insurgent activity and then left in a closed metal container. Three men survived the ordeal, police sources said, despite being left for 14 hours in the burning Iraqi summer heat.

They had apparently been caught up in a firefight between US troops and Iraqi gunmen, and were detained after taking an injured colleague to hospital.

This is ridiculous. It is like a comedy of death. If you want to be brainwashed and pretend it has nothing to do with us, fine. But facts are facts - we invaded this country, we occupy this country, and we are responsible for what happens in this country. Would we sit around ho-hum if this happened to 9 people in police custody somewhere in the U.S.? Was this even front page news? Part of the huge problem with people who can let this kind of stuff go on, and yes, when I say people I am talking about the President - it was his decision to invade Iraq - is that at their core they don't really care about Iraq, or Iraqis. They care about themselves, and other people (white people mostly) like them. Arabs, Turks, Kurds, so what? It is like a discount of life - maybe something like 10 Iraqi lives for one U.S. life. That to me is the most grotesque, most racist, and most inhuman thought. But the President and his minions have proven it is okay to them, over and over again.


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