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July 29, 2005

Pull & Pray Santorum

Good thing we have sites out there like http://santorumexposed.com. You can't keep up with the crap that comes out of this guys mouth. Watch this video:

"I am not a believer in birth control... artificial birth control.

I think (birth control) is harmful to women, harmful to our society."

Earth to Rick - people, of all ages, have sex. It is healthy, normal, and good for you. Saying in 2005 that the only sex you should have is married, heterosexual sex is a statement so far removed from reality that I think you need psychiatric care. This is a member of the U.S Senate - making laws and decisions that affect 275 million Americans and impact the world - I wouldn't let him baby sit my kids! And the notion that having sex is "doing whatever you want" without consequence! Don't people see the need for human beings to have sex? How do you legislate against normal human behavior? Are there really this many completely bat shit insane people in Pennsylvania that this guy is still a Senator???


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