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October 03, 2004

Scottie on fire!

Scott McClellan works for me - and for you. For all of us taxpayers and citizens. This is what he said Friday morning:

Q What is a global test? Do you know what that means?

MR. McCLELLAN: I think Senator Kerry was talking about how he would leave decisions like this to other countries.

Can he possibly believe that? I didn't hear Senator Kerry say anything near that during the debate - he specifically said the opposite actually. Scott McClellan, in his official capacity as Press Secretary to the President is supposed to be explaining to the press what the President is doing so the citizens of this country can be informed - not lying through his fucking teeth in the hope of getting his boss four more years of work. For a more eloquent and thorough discussion of what Senator Kerry actually said please see Professor Juan Cole's post on the matter.