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January 26, 2005

Train Wreck

I am listening to the Bush news conference on cspan.com - mostly listening, since watching would probably make me puke. My question is, how does he continue to become more and more or a train wreck? "He/She will be a GREAT (insert cabinet post here). And he/she will be confirmed". How many times can you listen to this crap? "Great" seems to the only adjective he is comfortable with.
Personal accounts, ownership society, we value life, her/his views reflect our policy, bankrupt system, etc. It is the most empty, non-communicative use of language I have ever heard. Are we as a country really this dumb? He just recalled his earlier press "conferences" - gee, I wonder which one of the three he is referring too?
This news just in - the senate confirms Rice as SOS 85-13.
Oh well - back to work...