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January 15, 2005

Why the Jets suck

Yes, I like football. I don't watch it just to watch it though, I follow the Jets, and the rest of the NFL be damned. And so I suffer the curse of the Jets fan. When I can I like to watch them on TV, and when I can't I listen to them on the radio or over the Internet (life permitting). The Jets had a good year, a very good year actually. They didn't back into the playoffs - they won 10 games and the right to be there. They lost to some good teams at the end of the year, but they won most of the games they should have. Then they pulled a shocker on the Chargers. And tonight... well - they should have won. Are they a better team than Pittsburgh right now? Probably not (the Steeler's D might be the best in the league and their offensive line is terrific). Did they have the odds against them? Yes. Did they have the game in hand? Yes. Did they deserve to win? No. Why? Because the Jets suck. Paul Hackett sucks. He needs to go, and Herman Edwards needs to treat his players like talented pros and let them make plays and win games. I love the Jets - it's embarrassing to say that. I would have been ecstatic with a win tonight. But when your team does everything it can (special teams TD, defensive TD, fumble recovery, interceptions) and the offense gets 3 points - well, you SUCK. Second and six with less than a minute left with house money, and a run? Let the clock wind all the way down to six seconds on third down? And then a sneak that loses yards? To set up a 42 yard filed goal? How about 5, 7 more yards? How about a TD? What the hell was going on there? Great year, some good wins, great new players and players that came of age, etc. But Hackett has to go, and Pennington has to prove he can win a big game. Football season ended for me tonight. I am sure my wife is happy.
Oh - and the Jets suck.

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